Award-Winning Broadway, Film and Television Actor
Professor at USC Film School
Instructor at Lee Strasberg Institute of Theatre & Film
Master Class Teacher in New York and Los Angeles
Invited into Actor’s Studio as a Lifetime Member
There are tons of acting coaches in L.A. all claiming to have the key to success in the entertainment field…but Anne DeSalvo is someone who’s actually attained it! As an award-winning Broadway, film and television actor, as well as a director, Anne is highly skilled in training actors from her vast knowledge and experience. She herself has studied with masters Lee Strasberg and Stella Adler. Her technique trains actors to personalize the character through relaxation, sense memory, self-exploration and emotional preparation for the deepest level of work. Anne encourages bold choices which stimulate behavior.
Anne teaches actors to fearlessly search for the truth. Her technique combines remaining present, exploring personal experience, intense self-examination, along with the use of imagination and vocal training. An actor needs to understand himself in order to personalize effectively. Every character is part of who the actor is. With her astute sense of the human condition, Anne inspires actors to take courageous risks, both in performance and auditioning. She believes to be a working actor one must excel in being authentic under imaginary circumstances defined by the text. Anne’s private fine-tune coaching offers a tailor-made focus on the specific needs of the actor.